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The Beginning Empty The Beginning

Post by DragonRose35 on Wed Aug 09, 2017 1:51 am

A tall man with short, neatly brushed brown hair and crystal blue-violet eyes stood at the gates to their realm. The portal was full of magic un-imagined, power no one could ever wish to control- as it was their King and Queen's magic alone- and while it would give most shivers down their spines, the man stood tall and unwavering before it. Behind him were three others- two women and another man. One of the women, with long sandy brown hair and bright golden-green eyes, stepped up behind him, "Are you sure this is such a smart idea?" she questioned and the man frowned, his eyes narrowed.

"The King and Queen have summoned each of these people personally," he answered.

"That's not what I asked, Taylor," the woman sighed and the man swallowed hard, silent for several long moments.

"Never before have we hosted a project with so many people..." he whispered, sounding worried and the other man, with long sandy blonde hair in a ponytail and golden-green eyes to match the woman's own, walked up to them as the last woman, her long red hair flowing behind her, almost hiding her cute little bunny ears that laid against her head, matching the color of her hair and her red-orange eyes glowing brightly as she stared at the portal, stayed where she stood.

"We have to trust our Mistress, and our Lord, Kirsten," he said, a smile lighting his face as he looked at his older sister, reaching his hand out to take Taylor's own into it and squeezing it gently. "Personally, I think this is going to be fun~ So many different people will be staying here and we'll finally have a reason to leave the palace that isn't going on patrol," he added, sticking his tongue out and Taylor chuckled quietly.

"You're right, Christian," he said, shaking his head and Christian beamed as Kirsten rolled her eyes, before looking over her shoulders at the last woman.

"Annabeth," she cooed, holding her hand out. "Come here, love, stand with me." At her prompting, the woman, Annabeth, walked forward, silent as she reached out to take Kirsten's hand in her own.

"When they arrive," Taylor began, standing tall once more, "we will do our jobs, just as our King and Queen have asked of us."

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