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Apartment Buddies~ Empty Apartment Buddies~

Post by DragonRose35 on Wed Aug 09, 2017 7:31 am

Nine Houses for Thirty-seven Minus Two Characters.

House One:
Ruiten and Asura; Valentine and Patrick

House Two:
Kamui and Kyah Rō; Basileios and Eichel

House Three:
Rhys and Noelle; Kaleo and Phoenix

House Four:
Vyri and Ravi; Felix and Dragon

House Five:
Nirav and Ajax; Vance and Archer

House Six:
Cole and Sig; Simon and Trade

House Seven:
James and Hiroki; Dravan and Russel

House Eight:
Xander and Emil; Zero and Kuro

House Nine:
Alistair, Chronus, and Trey

The Lake:
Kaehz, Aren

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